Your ATP Needs You!

Can you offer a workshop or symposium at Loughborough University ATP conference next July? Do you consistently get good AS results? Do you have lessons that inspire your students? Have you got great ways of teaching the more ‘dry’ topics? Or maybe there is something important that you feel needs airing? If so, then consider sharing your ideas with colleagues.

If you are interested and would like to discuss it further, then email: If you are new to presenting, we can offer support and guidance. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone – workshops are often very effective when presented by two or more colleagues.

Meeting your CPD needs!

We want to continue to inspire you and provide you with the best CPD event possible. Is there a workshop that you would love to see on next year’s programme? A burning issue in psychology that you want to debate? Then contact us and we will do our very best to arrange it.